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Impress your girl

You’ve got a date; the cool chic you have been eyeing, finally said’ ‘’yes’’. And you have to make an impression, your personal charms and wit will come in handy but do not underestimate the power of sheer physical appearance.

Things are different now, mummy. All my friends wear this kind of stuff to college.’’ Eighteen year old Sainali was holding on tight to a lime green shirt like material. Her mother stared at the shirt disapprovingly; but it was clear that this was one battle she was destined to lose.

Always feel confident in what you wear. If you leave the house with second thoughts on what you are wearing. It is most probably wrong for you that day.Do the blink test. Stand in front of a full length mirror. Look at yourself quickly and see what mental image you give yourself. Do all of your pieces work together?

Colour plays a very important role in our lives,there are people and even places where people avoid certain colours specially the colour Black. When wearing a vibrant suit keep it elegant with neutral shoes and handbag. Don’t match everything to the vibrancy of your outfit or you could have a case of overkill. There is no need to look as if you made a wrong turn and always look confident.

Power dressing is the buzzword of the day, and the upsurge is like never before, with the growing awareness of corporate dressing, the western look is here to stay.
With more and more Indian women discarding churidhars for well tailored skirts and Indian men in the trouser suit snare already, designers who work with western clothes flourishing like never before.

It’s not what you wear always but it’s how you carry your whole presentation and attitude along with it. Be wary of flowing cuff, although it look gorgeous spilling out from a suit jacket but they can play havoc when dining as they can fall into your dinner plate and the plates of others. Watch your cuffs.

There is nothing that add a finishing touch to a Indian lady face then a bindi. We have taken lot of things from the western culture and trend, so has the western countries who has taken our style of wearing bindi. You will see many of the top singers like Janet Jackson, Beyonce etc who wears the bindi in their music album. Add a zero to figure one and its value will increase ten times. Likewise, place a Bindi[ dot] on your forehead after make-up and the charm of the face will enhance ten times.

Gentleman's Pants

Jeans may be acceptable in your work place but will not help you move ahead quickly. They are comfortable and stylish but not to be taken seriously in the corporate world. I know of one client who wore jeans as the work place was casual but wondered why he was constantly overlooked for promotion. Even if your boss wears them you will go further if you dress just one step up the style ladder.

Trends come and goes but a well fitted white shirt has been there forever for those who follows fashion. A white shirt is the perfect way to and easier to style than you might think. Just remember that a great fit has always been the key to impeccable style. Buy one that fits you well. The best part about owning a white shirt is that it can be worn, both for a formal event and a casual hangout. It can be sharp or breezy depending on how you choose to pair it.

Your 20’s are a time for style, career and love experimentation, but when a woman enters her 30s she should have a certain number of things that represent her uniquely. As much as we love the trends that come and go, there’s nothing better than a solid investment piece that will last through the years.

Like cosmetics, fashionable people use clothing and accessories as tools to increase their chances of success in the work field. The best way to find the most flattering looks for your wardrobe is by experimenting. Take notes of compliments you receive when you wear certain outfits. It is important to increase your awareness of fashion by reading fashion magazines.

Florals for men? No big deal. Clothes with flowers blooming all over them are where it’s at. Orchids, tulips, peonies and roses and t-shirts, shirts, trousers, coats, jumpers you name it this season it has had a floral over .It’s a fashion moment that could raise eyebrows. But really if weren’t already hurting into a devil may care menswear era.

Always teach your kids from early age to dress as if they are expecting to run into some one you respect always expect the unexpected, never be poorly dress. Make sure your clothes are neat clean well ironed and use the right deodorant. This will teach your kids to be well dressed throughout their life. As all mothers always say don’t leave home without a handkerchief.

It is probably the biggest fashion cliché of them all; that little black number that is the staple of every woman’s wardrobe. Its size may vary, the hemline may rise and fall dramatically, the neck may either plunge immodestly or remain decorously high, and it could be made of anything from silk to lycra. But the little black dress has a special place in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman, whether she is a housewife, a model, an actress, or even a wannabe glamour puss.

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