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Colour Your Life

Colour plays a very important role in our lives,there are people and even places where people avoid certain colours specially the colour Black.

When wearing a vibrant suit keep it elegant with neutral shoes and handbag. Don’t match everything to the vibrancy of your outfit or you could have a case of overkill. There is no need to look as if you made a wrong turn and always look confident.

Wearing red will make you stand out from the crowd. Red can be very powerful. Wear it when you want everyone attention. This is a great colour when you want people to take notice of what you have to say.

Navy blue is a traditional trustworthy and safe. Navy blue is very popular in the traditional money and finance workplaces. Be aware that it can be seen as boring in a more creative workplace.

Yellow is best worn by those people who work with children. Yellow is a fun lively colour and is responded to best by children.

Pink is lovely and feminine. And not good if you want to be taken seriously on any new or controversial issues.

 Black suits with white shirts suit retail and waiting staff. When in the office break up black suits and white shirts with another colour.

Mid tones blues and purples are the best for television. If you want to keep the cameramen and audience happy mid tone blues will allow you to look your best on television. Violet is also great on television as long as it isn’t dark.

Avoid wearing blue when making a creative pitch. Blue is a great safe conservative colour and no one will take you seriously if you want wear it while giving a creative pitch. You need to wear reds for those occasions.

Brown can be worn in place of navy and grey. Dark chocolate brown is a very effective neutral colour for today Indian women. It will make you appear very approachable. Give the dull dirt brown a big miss.

Darker colours are more formal. You can still wear bright and light tops but if the corporate world is your intention then darker colours will create a more appropriate image.

Wear green when you feel burnt out. It is a calming colour especially in deeper tones. The brighter tones of green will only bring attention to yourself while you are trying to relax.

Grey is a safe alternative to black. In business dressing grey has less authority then black yet still presents a professional look.

If you are using black to camouflage any figure flaws don’t go overboard. If you are overweight swathing yourself from head to toe and black can make you look like a big black lump. Be wary of wearing black all the time unless you have created a personal signature with it. Be aware that black does not suit everyone specially the one with a very dark skin. As it would make you look more dark.

Shoes and handbag need to be in the same tone or family of colours. Black will go with black and grey while brown will go with light browns dark browns burnt oranges and dark reds.

Don’t wear colours that result in people commenting on you. You know you’ve missed the mark when everyone comments on the great colour of the coat you are wearing. The colours you wear need to complement not overwhelm.

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