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Floral Guys

Florals for men? No big deal. Clothes with flowers blooming all over them are where it’s at. Orchids, tulips, peonies and roses and t-shirts, shirts, trousers, coats, jumpers you name it this season it has had a floral over .It’s a fashion moment that could raise eyebrows. But really if weren’t already hurting into a devil may care menswear era. 

Having seen a slow but sure increase in visibility over the past couple of years, floral is once again integral to the contemporary gent’s wardrobe for 2015. Spurred on by the success of high end fashion houses like Givenchy, Rohit Bal and readily available labels such as Hype, more and more brands are offering up their own unique takes on this pattern. Put simply, whether you refer to stand out or blend in, finding that fits your personal style is now easier than ever.

Long seen as the domain of the fairer sex and indigenous Tribal cultures, floral motifs have been shunned by western men in the past due to their perceived femininity and conspicuous nature. In today’s globalised world of fashion, perceptions can change in an instant; with the traditional ideals of dressing frequently challenged and a new modern man eager to embrace fresh concepts. Essentially it means there is a lot that you can design about your life. Whether you are in your 20s 40s 60s or 80s you can empower your life yourself to make life changes through a planned manner.

Always explore new fashion; but don’t jump to it just because it is new. Discover and use a new fashion before it reaches the peak of its popularity .Experiment with fashion to create a desired image of you, but always deal with the realities of your face and figure. Remember that change is typical of life and fashion. Change is not something to resist. It is the spice that adds excitement and zest to your wardrobe as well as to your life is in fashion; this includes top to toe impact. Of course don’t overlook shoes and handbags.

For a number of seasons we’ve watched floral patterns firmly establish themselves in the industry’s design consciousness, filtering down from catwalk to high street. From intricate hothouse blooms to foliage embroidered jacquards and flora and fauna combinations, it seems every designer is getting in the flora renaissance movement. But how does the everyday gents work the look into his wardrobe without Looking like a walking greenhouse, or undermining his masculinity.

To incorporate this trend into your own wardrobe, , remember to make Your floral printed piece the focal point of your look, and frame it with less attention grabbing neutrals. For daytime beach parties and holiday day wear, a statement floral shirt r tees goes particularly well with beige chinos and sandals , while summer evening engagements call for sharply cut, ankle grazing floral trousers teamed with a white short sleeved shirt and a casual shoes.

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