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Just Bag It - Prasantt Ghosh

The way you carry that weight on yours shoulder reflects a lot on the person you are. All accessories are important, but bags are an obsession in themselves. Their trends change with every season and a great deal of experimentation and variation can be seen in the colours, fabrics, finishes and styles. The kind of bag you carry speaks a lot about you as a person. Women now days lead a very busy life shifting their possessions from one handbag to another. This problem can be eliminated by selecting a bag that is appropriate for most of the day time activities. So just identify your style and take your pick.


Basic cuts are back


Simplicity is blended with ethnic; classic an elegant look.

The stamp of sophistication is important and good hi quality fabrics add finishes help to glue this fact down.

Multipurpose bags, a fashion accessory one can carry almost everywhere are in. Also the idea of comfort and practicality is catching up. Which lead to the questions how much space does my bag have. How Compact and convenient is it to carry.

It’s time to design your own personalized bag to add to your individual touch. The market for couture custom made bags is catching up.

Styles today are a hybrid mixture of nomadic and modernism. There is a lot of rustic, tribal and African inspiration blended with modern trends in multiple finished style and hi performance fabrics.

Handcrafted bags with smoking effects, embroidery, quilting, crochet pleating sequin etc are in.

Unusual fabrics are being picked up and given a polished finish. Lace, satin, cotton, handloom, Silk, plastic pvc, raxine paper are new on the cards.

Zippers and multiple pockets are the catch point this season. Pockets help to create space to carry your different stuff in a more organized fashion and you definitely know which pocket to reach out for when looking for your keys and pens. Gone are the days when you would dig into your bag and spend hours to look for something.

Fantasy and style are blended with a strong demand to make all bags functional. Therefore, the trims used are less decorative and more performance oriented. Buckles, rings frames all have a basic;’’ no fuss ‘’ form. Chains of all sorts, metal coated, glazed multiple looped with aluminum or chrome plating are very much in demand.

Prints are vital with checks, strips computer graphics and floral motifs that remind one of an english garden. Sunflowers, roses, orchids are all part of your bags today.


Basic cuts prevalent are the basic regular styles like box bags, doctor’s bags, carry bags, professional bags, sleek evening wear and sporty styles. When selecting bags for problem figures colour and size are important considerations. Too large a bag will overwhelm a petite person. A brightly coloured bag will distract from the unity of an outfit colour coordinated to maximize height. For large figures a medium sized handbag is ideal.

Massive and compact shapes, the need of professionals today are in Bags are more sturdy today whether they are large shopping bags or sleek evening extravaganzas, keeping in mind durability and price compatibility.

The handbag of a business woman should give a trim and professional look. Executive women can pick up from box volumes like doctors bags and pure, clean sleek styles with the rounded architectural look of the 70s.

Youthful, rebellious biker spirit is in the air with a lot of experimentation with colour.

Age old classics are being adapted into everyday ethnic styles which retain the essence of old craftsmanship.

Sportswear is also an important influence on accessories today. Transparent bags with colorful zippers in pvc and waterproof coated fabrics are in.

Material used

The spirit of youth is seen in the use of shiny plastic with transparent quilting and acid colour thread like yellow and red used for top stitching giving a feel of magic quilted hi-tech futuristic bags.

Pleating effect is given for the hi fashion evening look with organza, which is printed or has a matt Metallic golden, silver and bronze sheen.

Embossed leather with all over motifs like Chinese tattoo, tortoiseshell and kinetic strips or snake and crocodile skin is in.

Fur, fake and pure given a rich feel to bags and as being used as inners for expensive couture bags.

Hi-tech processed and finished nylon synthetic in fluorescent checks and strips are put together to give an urban look.

Fabrics such as herringbone, tweed satin and silks transparent organza chiffons a delicate Lace all being used to make bags.

Classic new buck sheep skin and sued are still being used. Pearls patent and other matt raxine are in.


Deep ink blue purple, violet, petrol green, red, brown glazed, matt silver, chromed beige and camel.

Neutral and earthy tones, monochromes in browns and petrol blue, psychedelic colour with its explosion of reds, oranges , pinks , yellow and neon shades and blacks and peal white are some o the colour trends for this season.

Just believe it or not but the bag you carry can play a major part in altering the image you present of yourself. When selecting bags for problem figures, colour and size are important considerations. Too large a bag will overwhelm a petite person. A brightly coloured bag will distract from the unity of an outfit colour coordinated to maximize height. For large figures a medium sized handbag is ideal. Leather bags are usually an excellent investment for the rich and sophisticated look. Remember the kind of bag you carry speaks a lot about you as a person.

And we’re not just talking smart boxy professional bag for the professional woman and bling bling logo bag for the society diva. A bag is as much a calling card for your personality as the rest of your ensemble. Here’s how you can match your bag to what you are and what you like to be perceived as. With the huge variety of designs and materials in which you can get a bag these days, the task of choosing the right one to go with the right ensemble is difficult. Most women make the mistake of choosing their bags to go with their professional requirements and clothes rather than taking their body type into considering as well. Your handbag should necessarily be in proportion to your body and complement it. A shoulder’s bag’s length will accentuate whatever part of the body it comes near. For example a shoulder bag that ends around the hips will play up your hip width. Most women look great with a bag that hits mid torso because it flatters the waist. But this is only if you are not apple shaped. Interestingly while the size of the bag should be in proportion to your own size the shape should be the opposite of your body type to create contrast. So the rounder your body is the more structured your bag should be. A tall and rectangular or geometric shaped bag is perfect for a curvy fuller figured person. You don’t need to tote around a hard boxed briefcase to balance your curves though; rectangular or square silhouettes in soft leathers or fabrics will do the trick. If you are tall and thin a rounded slouchy hobo bag will be the best bet to complement your shape.

Tall and thin person would look best with any sort of handbag that is oversized and soft not structured. Shoulder bags with a soft hobo a tote or duffel are your best bets. Don’t go with smaller bags for they will make you look taller than you already are in contrast. Those who are more sporty and like function and fashion need to look at the risk. This bag suits taller woman, but shorter women with attitude can go for this too. It’s also large enough to fit in your whole office.

If you are short and on the plumper side choose a bag that doesn’t overpower you. Shorter purses which tuck themselves snuggly under your arm and are structured in shape will make you look slimmer and taller than you are. For those who are petite and like the more classic. Go curvy for those lucky few with an hour glass figure you can accentuate your waistline with a bag that hits just above the waistline creating an indentation to your silhouette. This style and length is going to be most flattering. Medium sized bags work best to enhance your body type. But if you have large hips and wish to draw attention away from the hip area choose a shoulder bag with a short strap which can be tucked easily under the arm. The ideal bag for this body shape is a shoulder bag or a hobo bag that hangs slightly but ends well above the hip area. If you top heavy, and wish to draw attention away from this area a messenger bag or a handbag is a good choice for your body type. If you really want a shoulder bag choose a large one with a long strap that draws the eye down vertically. It comes in satin so has a very alluring and soft feel. It works well on women with a bigger or smaller built. Details such as the suede tassel tell you that women who wear this bag really relish the whole ceremony of getting dressed up.

The first rule here is to keep away from small bags which add to the illusion of you looking bigger than you already are. Therefore small bags with short straps are a definite no no. Styles larger and wider than normal styles are a better bet. If you are not sure what style of bag to choose for yourself go for a classic hobo style which flatters almost every body shape and personality and is very functional and practical. This crescent shaped bag can be found in classic styles or fun hobo designs for casual wear.


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