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Shoes Zone - Prasantt Ghosh

The word shoes follow immediately by the word comfort. It is very important to wear shoes according to the place you are visiting and the hours you would be in that place and see your comfort the shoe gives. A shoe no matter how spectacular the style, is worthless if it does not fit. Too high heels that catch in carpets or small heels spoil your confidence and image.

Points to remember of the various rules about buying shoes: -

1) Avoid heavy shoes: a heavy shoe makes thin legs look like toothpicks and exaggerates the bulk of heavy legs.

2) Heel: a medium heel shoe makes you appear taller and nearer the fashion figure. Your legs seem more attractive because the instep of the foot has a graceful light contraction of the calf muscle caused by the raised heel.

3) Colour: a contrasting colour whether bright, light or very dark makes your feet a focal point. This breaks a unified line and tends to make a person seem shorter. If you decide to make your shoes skin coloured(beige) which can blend with any unusual colours.

4) The lighter the shoes and simpler the style, the slimmer and more graceful your legs will seem.

5) When creating a look let your shoes say the same as your garment, like don’t team heavy shoes with a soft dress or a dressy shoe with a serious wool tweed suit. Balance them.

6) Selecting your shoes according to the climate is very essential for example boots are meant for cold weather. Carry an extra pair of shoes to wear in the office on rainy days.

7) Experiment with shoes for different outfits you might come up with a stunning look. The final word for shoe selection would be simplicity.

Tips on how to buy your wedding shoes.

* A pedicure is an absolute must – even if you are wearing closed shoes. Paint your nails nicely.

* Take your own sweet time in selecting your shoes. Don’t let anyone rush you.

* Buy comfortable shoes for your big day. You don’t want to end up having shoe bites on the first day of wedded life.

* Slip- on work well- you wouldn’t have a problem taking them off during the various rituals.

*Buy neutral colours, so you can wear them even after the big day.

* Break them in nicely before the d day. You don’t want to start limping half way through the ceremony.

*Low heels are a good idea - a reception entails standing for long periods of time.

Go shoe shopping in the afternoon. Because our feet reach their biggest size by then.

If you plan to wear ‘mojaries oil them a day before to prevent shoe bites.


Get footwear in basic colours like beige, black or shades of brown so that you can mix and match. Transparent shoes come very handy as they can be repeated for a lot of outfits. As against the common assumption one does not have to buy golden shimmering shoes just because it's a wedding. It may not match most of the time. Semi heels and strappy ones with an inch of squarest box heels are hot stuff at the moment. Some embellishments on them also look great.

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