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Care and Wear by Prasantt Ghosh - FASHION CHOREOGRAPHER

Respect for your clothing shows respect for yourself ensure your clothing is pressed and stain free.

De pill all jumpers and tops regularly jumpers and woolen tops have a tendency to ball up or pill with constant wear. This can not only age the garment but make you look messy and unfinished. It takes no time at all to remove the balled up wool using a de pilling brush, motorized shaver or razor. Done regularly and carefully you and your garments will always look smart.

Nappy wipes are great for removing small stains this is a little tip I learnt to remove lipstick from a blouse. Keep a small packet of wipes in your drawer to remove any small marks from clothing.

Have your clothes altered to fit many times a few dollars spent on the correct alterations can give an inexpensive garment the appearance of a garment you had made to measure. No matter how expensive a piece of clothing may be if it doesn’t fit it looks like rags.

Hanging knitwear will pull them out of shape. Keep jumpers, cardigans and knitted tops on a flat surface such as in a drawer or on a shelf in your wardrobe.

Avoid wire coat hangers they are only good for getting your clothes home from the cleaners. Then move your clothes onto more substantial hangers such as wooden ones that won’t ruin the shape of your clothes. Using proper skirt and pant hangers for these items will lengthen their life considerably.

Remove labels from your garments carefully there is nothing worse than cutting a hole in your new top accidentally.

If it’s fraying throw it out if you notice the points on a collar starting to fray it is time to throw the shirt out. Dry any garments made with lycra inside direct sunlight will make perish and give it a very short life.

By brushing your clothes retain a fresh appearance without the need for unnecessary dry cleaning. Pearls need to be worn to keep their luster wear and keep them looking good. Keep pearls away from other jewellery which can scratch the surface. Be wary of perfumes or hairsprays as these can discolour them and dull their luster.

Update your watch with a new band can create a whole new look without having to buy a new watch.

Treat your soft leather shoes and handbags with leather conditioner to keep them soft and supple. They will look great and last longer.

Wash denim inside out to keep your denim from fading and do not dry them in a dryer. Hang denim items inside out on the line.


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