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Glasses by Prasantt Ghosh – The Indian Fashion Choreographer

Do a little research first, and have some frame names and prices on hand so that you can do some comparison shopping. In addition, make sure that the salesperson is willing to help you make decisions about fit and function and not just focused on how expensive the frame is. Look for a place that is well lit with lots of mirrors as well as access to a window so that you can get an idea of what the frames look like in natural light.

Many eyeglass stores have a satisfaction guarantee which allows you to get the glasses, wear them for a day and then bring them back if you're not happy with them. Maybe you bought a pair that your next door neighbor too wears - and that cannot continue as far as you are concerned. If you can find a place in your area that offers this type of guarantee, then this is your best bet. However, make sure that you understand the full details before you make your purchase, because there might be restrictions in the fine print.

Glasses square frames will emphasize the shape of your face. Round and oval frames will soften a very square face. High-end wearers might prefer wearing frames made of aluminum. Aluminum like other metals is lightweight and corrosion resistant. High-end designers prefer working with aluminum because it provides a unique look and feel. Aluminum is often scarce to buy however, so generally aluminum frames are more expensive than other metal varieties.

Frames varieties

If metal and plastic aren't your cup of tea, consider some of the more extraordinary materials people are investing in for their frames. These include:

  • Wood and bone

  • Solid gold

  • Solid silver

  • Leather (not practical in most cases, but definitely fashionable)

  • Semi-precious stones (usually used to accent a frame rather than as the foundation for the frame).

Plastic frames are popular among those who want colorful and lightweight, cost effect alternatives to metal frames. Among the more popular plastic frames currently in use are zylonite frames. This material is extremely lightweight and offers wearers the option of wearing layered colors.

Other plastics commonly used in frames include propionate. This is a nylon-based substance that is good for sensitive skin. Nylon glasses are also durable and lightweight, and generally affordable for most eyewear consumers. Nylon is one of the more popular materials used for sports frames and other performance frames because it is resistant to extreme temperatures and provides a flexible but durable frame.

Metal frames are increasingly popular among conservative and liberal types alike. Metal frames often include any combination of various metals including titanium. In fact, titanium is one of the more popular and commonly used metals for eyeglass frames today. Titanium provides a durable and long lasting material that is corrosion resistant... a good choice for someone who intends on keeping their frames for an extended period.

Some frames combine titanium with other alloys including nickel or copper to provide equal durability but a hint of unusual color.

Other metals commonly used include beryllium. This is a good alternative to titanium that is just as durable, more lightweight and less expensive than titanium frames.

Many consumers prefer beryllium frames in part because they are often flexible making them easy to adjust and an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin.

Yet another alternative includes stainless steel frame. Among the highlights of stainless steel frames include:

  • They are lightweight

  • Most are good choices for those who have sensitive skin

  • Frames are strong and durable

  • Most are reasonably priced

Stainless steel frames typically contain a mixture of chromium and other materials. This helps combat abrasion and corrosion improving the lifespan of the frames.

Glasses to take the focus from your strong jaw line wear a style that follows the line of your eyebrows and highlights the upper half of your face

While many people just buy their glasses right from their optometrist’s office, some may opt to take their prescription to an eyeglass shop. There may be some advantages to this, such as a bigger selection and better prices, but you should make sure that the staff there are knowledgeable, especially if you have a particularly strong or tricky prescription to work with. Also, don't shop anywhere that's more interested in selling you the most expensive frames than the right frames for you.


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