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Hats Off Girls by Prasantt Ghosh – Indian Fashion Designer

Its bright sunny weather and you do not want to miss going to the race ground or picnic, a picture hat should sit firmly on your head, these hats are not designed to sit on the back of your head like schoolgirl hats. If you can’t see then your brim is too wide.

Hats should stay on your head and make sure your hat fits and will stay on even if it is too windy weather. A black hat will make a lined face look older. The colour of the brim will reflect on your face so choose a complementary colour for your skin tone. Choose a hat to suit you face shape if you have a small framed face a small to medium sized hat will suit you best. Make a big hat fit your small head, a hat that is slightly too big can be made to fit with adhesive hat inserts. These act like heel grips only thicker and give your hat a better fit. Match your hat to your shoes and handbag to complete your race look coordinate your hat shoes and handbag with your outfit.

Short women will be most comfortable in upturned brims if you are short and your hat prevents you from making eye contact when talking then you could be in trouble. It is a very long day to be standing there with your neck arched back to engage in a conversation.

Avoid huge brims if you are going to be standing in a crowd. If you are not tall enough to look over the crowd your hat and your temper will be crushed by the end of the day. Make the most of decorations fascinators and flowers look best when worn off centre. Something perched square on the top of your head will simply look like it has landed there. Wear these items slightly off centre on your head. Make sure your hat style matches your outfit style. A traditional suit worn at the races looks best with a traditional hat.

To avoid hat hair, put the top layer of your hair up and loosely twirl it into a top knot and put under your hat. At the end of the day when you take your hat off this section of your hair will fall down and although it will be wavy it will not have been flattened by your hat.

Don’t wear new shoes to the races unless you have hard feet or you will end up carrying them in your hand by the end of the day. If you must wear new shoes start wearing them before the day to soften them up.

Only carry what you need, it is pointless to stuff your handbag with everyday nonessential items. It makes your bag look bulky and you will need that space for your winnings. Things can get tight be prepared for everything too feels a little lighter by the end of a hot day in the sun. If you plan a full day at the races wear something that won’t cut you in two before the end of the last race.


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