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Marriage are planned from heaven, shopping are planned on Earth by Prasantt Ghosh

Congratulations you are about to start a new life one filled with the promise of happiness and dreams coming true…

All people want to express themselves. According to them, this sudden fondness for all things colorful can be attributed to the fact that products are available in various hues. And products here again encompass nail polishes, eye shadows, garments, shoes and in fact everything else which a person can need. Gone are the days when being formally dressed meant wearing a sedate suit or an elegant chiffon sari? Now, for a night on town, the requisite garb is anything that is bold in color and bolder the better it is considered to be.

Possibilities are simply immense. You can cover it all or go dare bare. Advice is to preserve the balances in the autumn season. They recommend the following for enviably fabulous skin and hair.

To maintain the equilibrium of vata, pitha and kapha a bride must include a lot of antioxidants in her diet. Apricots, berries, figs, oranges, pomegranates, gooseberry, cranberries, papaya, pear, peaches and prunes have antioxidants and beta carotene which are beneficial for the skin, hair and immunity. Include a lot of greens but avoid raw vegetables in this season. Breakfast is the most important meal, so make sure you have a hearty and a healthy one. Include lukewarm milk with cereals like cornflakes and muesli.

In today’s age of fashion flexibility both are possible. The six yard magic has survived all kinds of upheavals in the world of fashion, from minis to over sized t-shirt. Bustier was quite a rage that has calmed down a bit now for very practical reasons. Very few Indian women have the required statistics to carry it off. Draping the sari in the right way is the most important and thanks to our diverse tradition there are a thousand ways in which you can do it. You could wear your sari in the Gujrati way, if you want to be really bold, try draping it like a sarong and team it with a tube top or singlet or if you want a daring suggestion; if wearing a heavy sari, pleat it in such a way so that it leaves a slur in the front to show off your shapely legs.

Plans on Bridal trousseau. Your bridal attire complement your personality and style.

Scan wedding magazines for contemporary styles and trends. Start shopping for your trousseau well in time.

Select the right accessories to complement your dresses including bags and shoes.

Select/ design your wedding and reception outfits and try them out. Keep time for alterations and final fittings.

Wear simple yet elegant shoes with a western outfit And jootis with an ethnic. Try out your headgear. It should be different from those of the berates. Start on a complete grooming regime at least a month before the wedding.


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