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Nothing Beats White

Trends come and goes but a well fitted white shirt has been there forever for those who follows fashion. A white shirt is the perfect way to and easier to style than you might think. Just remember that a great fit has always been the key to impeccable style. Buy one that fits you well. The best part about owning a white shirt is that it can be worn, both for a formal event and a casual hangout. It can be sharp or breezy depending on how you choose to pair it. The correct pair of footwear makes a lot of difference pick a pair of formal shoes, contemporary strappy sandals or loafers. What is the best kept secret of fashion insiders. Investing in foundation pieces and building a wardrobe around them. It’s the fail safe way to make sure that everything in your closet can be layered in some form. It’s a staple you can wear 10 times more than your quirky bargain finds. You can rely on it as you are confident it will never go out of style or lose its anytime anywhere appeal, to put it simply, it is one of the building blocks of your versatile wardrobe. Whether you are a beginner in the style bandwagon or just looking to update your old favourites you can blindly opt for whites; they will take you through many seasons and many moods.

A white shirt leaves very little, or no room for a fashion faux pas. It looks great on everyone irrespective of complexion body type or age. Wear medium intensity colours. Light colours will make you look bigger and dark colours will make you look heavier whereas medium colours will give you the right amount of definition and reflection to the camera. This is especially useful if you are in a wedding party and will be photographed for official photos. A patterned shirt will give your wardrobe greater variety. Your patterned shirt can be worn with ties to meetings during the day and without your tie for a more casual kook at night without looking traditionally dressed down.

White reflects light and heat and therefore best for summer. It keeps you cool. It is also soothing to the eyes. Pair a white shirt with funky printed pajamas or denim shorts for a day full of fun and shopping with friends. You should always opt for wearing fabrics such as cotton; linen khadi duringsummers, even silk is also preferred as it keeps the body cool. Keep clothing light in colour and also in weight. Maximize maxi skirts for the summer wardrobe. Neon this summer than chooses neon. A wide variety of neon accessories can be paired up with shirts, tees dresses for a confident look for summers. Join the denimania blue and whites the best colours for summer. Your denim skirt or jeans might work wonders on you if you know how to mix match them.

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