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Sportswear - PRASANTT GHOSH A Popular Fashion Choreographer

Hi, since the FIFA fever is just over and the Common wealth game is on the roll, today I will speak on the sportswear. Keep your hair up if your face perspire a lot always wear your hair up. A ponytail will keep you looking fit and fabulous rather than a bedraggled mess. Match your clothes to your figure if you are going to wear hipster track pants and a crop top ensure you have the stomach for them.

For larger women it is unforgiving as an outer garment. Do not consider going anywhere straight from the gym unless you have something to put on over the top.

If you play a lot of sports have your eyelashes tinted. This will avoid your mascara dripping down your face when you get hot. Apply a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen to protect your skin and give you a hint of colour.

Wear swimsuits in colours that suit your complexion wearing colours that suit your complexion will make you look ultimately glamorous in your swimsuit. Never rush purchasing your swimsuit this is something you are going to feel most self conscious in and should not be an item that makes you cringe every time you put it on. Take your time and find one you are happy with.

Choose cotton for socks and undies ensure you always wear cotton socks and cotton underwear as cotton allows your skin to breathe proper. If your feet tend to smell dust them with deodorizing powder and always sprinkle some in your shoes after sport.

Have a warm smart jumper for outdoor sports every woman needs a warm and stylish woolen jumper for attending outdoor sports events. The best colours to keep your outfit smart are winter whites, creams and shades of light brown.

Face winter with a vest winter vests in velour and fleece are a great way to keep yourself warm and smart when you are outdoors, Team your vest with a striped top, woolen trousers and leather flatties for a very smart winter casual look.

Avoid the bounce with a sports bra find yourself a good sports bra, no matter what size you are you could do damage to the muscles around the breasts if you do not support them properly. Small busted women can wear firm sports tops that double as support when playing sport.

Swim and treat your hair at the same time if you swim a lot and have coloured hair apply a treatment to your hair under your swimming cap. This will save your hair from chlorine damage as well as create a warm environment for your treatment to work effectively. Keep a lip balm handy as any sporting activity can dehydrate you and the first place where you start feeling the pinch will be your lips.

Mix and match tops and bottoms if you have trouble finding tops and bottoms that fit choose a brand that comes in mix and match coordinates.

Swimsuits always look their best on a tanned body at the start of summer apply a fake tan so you don’t spend your first few days of summer with your pale skin glowing on the beach. Recline where possible on the beach or at the pool remember that stomachs always look flatter when reclining.

Wear sporty swimsuits for sporty occasions if you are into beach volleyball Frisbees or any other active beach sports you may feel more comfortable in either a one piece or a bikini consisting of boy leg pants and long line tops.

Complete your look by purchasing a matching sarong, slides or thongs bag and hat and you will always look fabulous in your swimsuit. Hide your pot belly in either a one piece or high wasted pants.

Control your breast and wear some support, most designers now create tops with support in a variety of shapes. If you have a large bust, wear an underwire top. Small busted girls can find cleavage in many styles now the humble triangle tops also have extra shape and padding in them so you can wear any style you wish.

Take the focus from heavy thighs by wearing a high cut leg on a swimsuit which will elongate your leg by bringing the focus higher up.


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