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SWIMWEAR by Prasantt Ghosh – Indian Fashion Choreographer

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Body language in a swimsuit is most essential because there is a very fine line between smart and tart. However the line is easy to see and half the battle is won by simply choosing the right swimsuit style paying special attention to the cut. This is where body language again comes into play. Be confident of yourself and walk confidently. Swimming is the coolest summer sport but remember not to hit the pool between 10am and 4pm as the sun’s rays are most harmful then.

Go shop by instinct and get whatever catches your eyes which compliments your looks and body. A valuable beauty tip for women, a good sun block and hair conditioner are worth investing in. Avoid wearing anything that is a sizes smaller than your actual size. On style trends you can love something for a while and then move on to something else depending on your mood and time in life.

Only water based moisturizer must be used on face and body after a shower. Use minimum make up. Just kajal, lip gloss are great. For a more glam beach party apply waterproof mascara. Wear your cool attitude to look even cooler. Since none of us have the dynamite that can make our stomach into flat ironing boards we all have to work harder. There is no magic way to get a flat stomach. Total body fat has to be reduced to trim the abdominal flab and most spot reducing techniques are ineffective. For stretch marks be extra careful, the area tends to be slightly raised as well as lighter on the inside. Use a darker concealer or foundation to make it uniform. If full body make up is too much for you simply use a liquid or powder bronzer. Blend the liquid with your finger and powder with a brush.

Good posture is essential if you do not want your tummy to protrude. It is not just about looking good; slouching does damage to your internal organs and spine. If you sit straight you also make your stomach muscles work. A flat stomach should be desired not only for aesthetic reasons but also from a health perspective. Abdominal fat is the harmful fat that increases risk of diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.

All women have a greater sense of smell then men. Be one of the gang, unisex fragrance are often the best to wear to work if you want to smell great without standing out. Avoid the bulging boob wearing a bra that is too tight for you or too small in the cup will have you oozing out in all directions. It is not pretty. Make sure your bras fit properly. White stockings should only be worn by nurses they do not even do the slimmest legs any favours.

Eat better just cut down on fat and sugar. A low fat diet is also an intestinal comfort diet as it is easy to digest and does not cause bloating gas and acidity. I know for a fact that some people prepare six months for a perfectly chiseled body before hitting the beach. Now I am not suggesting that you should give yourself an indication of the kind of commitment it takes. With summer upon us a little diet control combined with regular swimming is going to help you burn calories faster.

Being self assured only comes with accepting your own body just the way it is. For birthmarks or scars use a heavy concealer that gives more coverage. Make sure the shade is closest to your skin tone to even the look. Freckles are spread all over the body. Since you can’t cover each freckle individually use a darker shade of foundation and apply all over. Water wise wear sunscreen at least 30 to 40 SPF. Apply it 30 minutes before stepping out. Wax your body. A bikini wax is a must. Tie your hair and use a cap while swimming.

Plus sized women should opt for swimsuits that have shorts instead of the sexy high cuts. Special advice to all you plus size women is to stop being self conscious. That only makes people around you more conscious of you and your size. Walk confidently and do not cling to that towel so dearly.

This is your time off so enjoy. If you’re shy still buy a bathrobe or at least a sarong. Contrast or complement your swimsuit with your sarong go printed or plain. Being a bikini babe is tough, so do not attempt to wear one unless you have a perfect model’s body. Having said that does not be self conscious of your extra bulges too.


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