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Never appear too perfect. Appearing better than others is always dangerous, but most dangerous of all is t appear to have no faults or weaknesses. In this digital age what others think of you is none of your business. Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it. Don’t succumb yourself to a world where you are constantly consumed with always wondering what people think. Remember always that public memory is always short, so ignore it from the very beginning.

Time to change n time to uplift your image. Yes, you were thinking it for long but never got the courage to give it a try. First of all always make it a point to spend some time for yourself avoiding all stress. Keep your mobile phone (biggest stress) away while doing so at least for an hour, keep it far aside. Imagine how the world is getting addicted into it from kids to elderly people, your fingers busy all the time and you do not even realized how many hours you have wasted on it. You keep replying every messages in facebook, just to increase likes and it is soon forgotten with something more to upload in facebook etc later. Although social media and mobile phones are much helpful too but not meant to be used the whole day forgetting what is happening around in the real world. Be intelligent spend some time to improve overall yourself.

Learn a skill. Have a goal that fires your imagination and makes you feel alive as you pound slowly on it. It could be learning a skill getting a qualification promotion or your heath related goals. Without goals, life becomes directionless and even all the money and comforts in the world quite dissatisfying. When the goal is achieved set a new one. Don’t kill yourself over it but keep making efforts to reach it.

A 30, minute workout three to four times a week is good enough to keep your cardio vascular system strong and your body healthy. Remember exercise should be fun whether you do it with friends or alone with music. Pump iron. It’s difficult to get 18 mg of iron the body’s requirement every day. Simply because it’s missing in many food items, except say fresh spinach and coriander and jaggery. Non vegetarians can get their supply from mutton, chicken beef all of which contains iron. But to increase iron absorption combine vegetables with vitamin or a little meat. Cook food in an iron vessel- the food absorbs some of the iron from the vessel.

Sleep disorders are on the rise in teenagers and younger professionals especially among people who work in shifts. Sleep disorders are becoming common among children too. The reasons overstress in studies unnecessarily busy in mobile phones and laptops and avoiding physical exercise. Discover how physical exercise improve your self esteem, mood and confidence which will allow you to work through your emotional pain. Exercising will also bring back the playful innocence of a child. It will make you feel and look better. It will increase your organizational abilities and give you a purpose.

Having a sleep disorder can increase your chances of a stroke .Raise blood sugar cause depression fall in appetite obesity mood swings poor concentration and affect your immune system too. The best way to avoid such situation is to maintain sleep hygiene. Make sure you leave your worries and concentrate on yoga and meditation can easily help including snoring during sleep.

We are taught not to burden others with our problems. We fear that if we examine our issues too closely we will become babbling idiots who overtax the ears of our friends and loved ones. The anxiety of social ridicule compounds ones problems. We avoid dealing with our emotional pain because we believe that this is an impossible task to accomplish. So, how does a person break through these roadblocks? You can overcome them by; discovering the internal faith you need to overcome these wounds. This faith can be religious spiritual, your place of wisdom or your higher power. Your internal faith is what helps you face troubling times, confusion and loss.

Learning that facing emotional pain can be exciting, joyful an ultimately redemptive journey. You will find joy simply by breaking through long standing grief and pain.

You should learn to love yourself.

Learning techniques that teach you how to tolerate angst. Those techniques include accepting that the trauma took place in the past not the present. Learning that you can find healthy ways to distract yourself from the pain when it becomes overwhelming. You can focus on what happening in the present instead. Going for a walk, reading a book are healthy ways to take your mind off the pain.

Try to include all four food groups in your meals. And you can do this without overeating or overdoing it. Cultivate a bit of moderate eating. Consume small amount of each food group milk and milk products fruits compliments your neutral and smoky eyes with the latest shades of lipsticks. Outline lips with same colour pencil, smudge lip line with a cotton bud to control the colour and then apply your lip stick.

Go for Fibrous diet. You may ask- why fibre well, it exercises the digestive system controls absorption, prevents and relieves constipation and helps in reducing cholesterol. You can find fibre in wholegrain bread, bran cereals, bran biscuits and crackers, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Comfort clothing is the power dressing.

No matter how expensive wardrobe you wear and try your best to look stunning, it will work wonder only if you equally take care of your health and beauty. Unless you work from within it will not show at your total image as an individual. Power dressing as we knew it- is a thing of the past. Style pundits are urging women to embrace comfortable clothes for work, rather than dressing to impress men, if they want to truly embrace their feminity and display their strength. Instead of the black suits and pencil pants that had clout its now about flowy alternatives like Culottes, knits and jackets. Women are now much more in control of their individual style at the workplace. It is no longer about dressing to flirt with the boys. Power Dressing as we remember it, has changed over the last decade. The focus is now on a flattering wardrobe that gives you inner confidence. The same applies for the casual wardrobe too.

Overalls or jeans and sandals with socks aren’t what one could consider fashionable but this season, they sit firmly on top of shopping lists. Are showcasing comfier dressing the kind you’d see on tourists. This tourist style dressing has, over the past few months, evolved into an unlikely Fashion movement that is giving women the realization that nothing beats comfort in leading a truly successful and active life. Pleated skirts and ponchos, crochet knits, sloppy tees and ultra loose pants have become the must- haves.

Flirt with new eye colours. Define your eyes with subtle hues of dusty browns or haze greys add a touch of pastel highlights under the brows, Smoky neutral colours will give a warm and natural look to the eyes. Hair start the year with taking good care of your hair. Deep conditioning with herbs and oiled a once ever week can do wonders for your hair texture. This change in outlook has multiple advantages. There’s less of a chance of feeling pressurized to look picture perfect and more opportunity to let your hair down and give your tired feet a break. The best part it’s the kind of look every women can nail, from the luxury lover to the executive to the Back packing student. Consider this if you look and feel you’re best it will not only help you rise, it could also see you through the darker days. After all only a woman who is Comfortable with herself can be powerful in the real sense of the word.

When it comes to accessorizing to, its more backpacker and practical than clingy and ornate. Clean your beauty brushes and combs once a month in a wash basin. Filed with warm water and little detergent and dry them in the sun. The latest style is super sleek hair with a bang. Bangs could be shorter or longer than up your nose and eyebrows for a smooth and sexy look.


Invest in stretch pencil skirts

Develop your own style handwriting –pieces that fit your profession and body type the best


Don’t match your shoes, bag and clothes

Try putting together different elements like the dress shirt from a suit to go with a leather skirt

Don’t wear pajamas for a formal meeting .Comfort dressing calls for clothes that make you feel the most relaxed, while being appropriate for the occasion.

Avoid tight fitting clothes and restrictive tailoring.

Fix your meal timings for the whole day and eat slowly, savoring each bite. Remember it takes 20 minutes for your brain to realize that the body is being fed so if you finish eating within 15 minutes you might eat more than you need or want. Regular eating habit controls binging between meals.

Don’t pop up multivitamin pills instead eat only what is rich in vitamin and minerals our body designed absorb nutrition from the food we eat. Sip coconut water or a fresh, lemon drink instead of aerated drinks. Vitamin c is an ingredient in many pricey skin creams and for good reason. It is a powerful antioxidant or substance that helps reduce the damage to skin caused by free radicals. Citrus fruits like oranges are full of vitamin c she says by including vitamin c rich foods in your diet you can combat free radicals and have smooth taut skin.

Vitamin c can also help reduce inflammation and promote wound healing don’t care too much for Oranges. Opt for other citrus fruits rich in vitamin such as grapefruits. Nuts ever one know that nuts are an excellent source of protein that’s why they resale so many diet plans. But are you aware that a handful of tasty nuts each day can actually help combat the effects of the suns harsh rays rather than having a samosa or a hamburger.

Keep up your calcium intake 1,200mg day. Your body’s requirement increases with passing years. Get calcium by eating small amounts of rich foods. Have milk or other dairy products whenever possible in the day.

Nurture your own garden. Be occupied in making your home and keeping close ties with nature with creativity. If it has gardens once all the better. Plant your own trees and flowers see them grow and blossom and cultivate a sense of kinship with them.

Make charity a part of your daily routine by giving left over’s to the needy fruits to streets kids etc. It’s the basic principles of karmic action and you get back what you give. The act of charity makes you feel good and encourages detachment as you learn to give away material possessions start small, by giving away.

Now that’s you’ve made your health and beauty resolutions you need a great deal of determination and grit to carry them out. Don’t rush take one day at a time and make sure all your resolutions are realistic and you are confident of success and slowly make it a habit of your Life.


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